Published Writings 2 - as referred to by *

(Designed by me in collaboration)  




A treatise on the state of Society's divisions into "Haves" and "Have-Nots" [not that conditions have changed much]; but definitely the situation at the time we did PERSPECTA 12. Consider the note in Format design (below) in  "ANOTHER MODERN"  

(see CONTENTS in PUBLISHED WRITINGS 3, which notes the evolution of WHAT U CAN DO from the article "Waiting for Printout"  by Shad Woods.)

My design was deliberately organized with the spine horizontally, compelling its being read while holding tight, thereby engaging the Reader in content.

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Proposed First Floor
Adapting the existing House by revising/expanding/upgrading the facilities.
Proposed Second Floor
Shown overlaid on the First Floor, proposing a 'bridge' connection in a double-height volume.
Site Failure - 2013
As the Lake rises and falls every year, a large unseen boulder was pulled away.
Overall Terrace Failure
View looking South illustrates the conundrum of "starting over".
SITE view 1
A failure resulted in a collapse at the North end of the Site
SITE  view 2
The result was the necessity of demolishing an outdated existing Structure, as may be seen from debris.
Plan view documents the resulting Footprint.
Stabilized North end shown; joint acquisition of adjacent South parcel with a neighbor, permitted relocation.
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