Exploring Themes that derive from my Research, Writing, or Professional Practice manifested in invitations to numerous venues.

Related events are grouped together, and Juries were interesting, as we 'danced within' local Social & Professional Values.

These are some of the occasions. I was fortunate to often find myself in Series of "Good Company", academic as well as practitioner peers.

 My research on the Life and Career of Eero Saarinen provided opportunities to lecture at various venues, and  in the context of  

others from both Professional and Academic communities; I was in "Good Company" during  all those invited places and people. 

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"Saarinen vs Saarinen and The Search for a Modern American Architecture"

                               [long Lecture -  if so inclined]

My interest in the evolving American City as represented by Houston, Texas as well as     the broader notion of 'Regionalism' resulted in invited lectures.in a range of venues.     

Miscellaneous Lectures under the auspices of Columbia University                 and IAUS [Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies          

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Miscellaneous Lectures

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