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Writing - a Method:

In order to situate and clarify my Theoretical Position, articulating through Description, Criticism and/or Analysis, which compels a somewhat eclectic, inclusive, "catholic" (little 'c')non-rhetorical  position, free from any bias based on "style" per se, I tried to capture a sense of Subject in giving Titles to my pieces/reviews/essays which hopefully made my Intentions clear.

My first published Criticism was a Letter to The Editor of Architectural Forum, written while a student at Yale. I was  annoyed at Philip Johnson, whose Book Philip Johnson Architecture 1949-1965, seemed to me a "camp" vanity piece. Having come to New Haven from Princeton, perhaps I brought its seriousness with me: see 'WORK'/ Portfolio 14, Student Work at Princeton and Yale. 

philip johnson architecture

The Book: graphic design by Elaine Lustig, Helvetica of course as it was 1966, and a bit "cute". A homage to Mies, where 'PJ' and 'hh' were extrusions.

Lacking many Details [such as North Arrows on Plans], there was lots of white space, and full-color photos. Context? Nope.

Introduction by noneother than Henry-Russell Hitchcock, longtime Friend of Philip, and collaborator on the 1932 MoMA  show "Modern Architecture: International Exhibition.

The very first instance of attempting to write essentially what was an Opinion/Critique, began as a "Letter to the Editor" of Architectural Forum. [see opposite]


A bit "snippy" in Tone, admittedly in hind-sight, nonetheless it represents a first step in what became an eventual focus of my "contribution to the Profession", a willingness to state a case, expect reaction or response, and see where that would leave me.

Not only did this small argument manifest a decision to 'profess' openly, and center on teaching Architecture literally as a Professor, but also impact my Practice. Who knew?


Surprisingly, my little Letter was the longest chosen; "the Kid" was in Good Company. The Mayor of Montreal [referring to Expo 67], and Professor Percy Johnson-Marshall, University of Edinburgh.

Philip Johnson forgave me in 1968 by being the first to contribute $10,000 in support of my PERSPECTA 12 The Yale Architectural Journal. "CLICK" to link

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Published Books, Journals & Papers

Stirling + Wilford - American Buildings; Chapter 1 "Rice Univesity, Texas - School of Architecture, 1979-1981"; (Alan Berman, ed.); ARTIFICE Publishing;(London); 2015 *13 link to PAGE

“Loose Fit: Houston’s ‘Museum District’” [originally published in Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Spring 1996 (cover feature)]; Ephemeral City: Cite Looks at Houston; Scardino, Barrie; Stern, William F. and Bruce Webb (editors); University of Texas Press; 2003*link to CITE articles


"Regionalism into Modernism: David R. Williams, O'Neil Ford and an Elusive Sensibility". Society of Architectural Historians 52nd Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas; April 14-18, 1999; Open Session IV, "Texas in the Twentieth Century" *6   ink to PAGE 

Louis I. Kahn: Conversations With Students; Architecture at Rice 26; Princeton Architectural Press; 1998;  (introduction to redesigned Second Edition)*4 link to PAGE


The Journal of Architectural Education; (executive editor) Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture; Volume 36, Number 1 through Volume 38, Number 4 (11 editions inclusive); 1982-1985*1 link to PAGE

Transportation & Urban Development in Houston 1830-1980; METRO 1982*14  link to PAGE


Map Guide to Spanish Colonial Architecture in Houston; Reading Guide to Sources of Spanish Architecture; La Arquitectura ; publications accompanying exhibition La Arquitectura: Spanish Influences on Houston Architecture; Houston Public Library; Houston, Texas; November 1979*Exhibit 4 

Signs of Houston; catalog accompanying exhibition; Houston Public Libray; Houston, Texas; December 1978*Exhibit 4

link to PAGE


The Museums of Fine Arts, Houston ; (with Erdman, Donnelley) Architecture at Rice 28; 1972 *12 link to PAGE

HOUSTON an architectural guide; Houston Chapter/AIA; 1972 *7 link to PAGE

Christmas in Houston;(with Erdman, Donnelley) Contemporary Arts Museum; 1971 *12  link to PAGE

Woods, Shadrach (as editor and graphic designerWhat U Can Do; Architecture at Rice 27; 1970*2 link to PAGE

(as editor and graphic designer); Louis I. Kahn: Talks With Students; Architecture at Rice 26; 1969 *4  link to PAGE

Perspecta 12 - The Yale Architectural Journal; ; Yale University; 1969* 3 link to PAGE

“Talks with Students” (reprint of Louis I. Kahn: Talks With Students”); Louis I. Kahn: Writings, Lectures, Interviews; Latour, Alessandra (ed.); Rizzoli, New York, 1991 *4     link to PAGE

“Aspects of a New Urban Vernacular”; Harvard Architecture Review, Number 1 (Theme: “Beyond the Modern Movement”); MIT Press; 1980*6  link to PAGE

“Magnificent Courtyards, Beautiful Gardens”; VIA 4, University of Pennsylvania Architecture Review;(Theme: “Culture and the Social Vision”); MIT Press; 1980*6  link to PAGE

Published Non-Refereed Journal Papers
“Fast forward: impressions in the 21st century”, Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston

Summer 2005, n.64 *6 llink to PAGE

"Eero Saarinen: Heterodox Architect”; ptah 2002:2; Vol.3, No.2 ; 2002*  link to PAGE


“Thin-Skinned” (IBM Manufacturing Plant; Rochester, Minnesota); Casabella; Volume LXVI, Nos.706/707; December 2002 – January 2003 (Double Issue)*8   link to PAGE

“Flight of Fantasy” (TWA Flight Center; Idlewild [now JFK] Airport; New York); Casabella; Volume LXV, Nos. 695/696; December 2001 – January 2002 (Double Issue) *8 link to PAGE

“Intentions in Tension” (documentation and analysis of the David S. Ingalls Hockey Rink); Casabella; Volume LXIII, Nos. 673/674; December 1999 – January 2000 (Double Issue “Architecture USA: Forms of Spectacle” ), guest edited by Nicholas Adams [Vassar College] and Joan Ockman [Columbia University] *8  link to PAGE


Eames, Saarinen: A Magic Box” (documentation and analysis of Case Study House 9-Entenza House)Casabella; Volume LXII, Nos. 662/663; December 1998 – January 1999 (Double Issue “Case del Novecento”) *8  link to PAGE

“Loose Fit: Houston’s ‘Museum District’” (critique of seven building projects and urban design study); Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Spring 1996 (cover feature) *6    link to PAGE

"Four Not-So-Easy Pieces" (Newark Museum; Michael Graves, Architect); Progressive Architecture; March 1990*10 

link to PAGE

"Ontario's Saarinen" (Irwin Miller House, Windemere, Ontario; Eero Saarinen, Architect); City & Country Home (Canada); June 1989*5 link to PAGE

"Wolfe Bites; An Interview With Tom Wolfe"; Cite; The Architecture and Design Review of Houston

Spring-Summer 1988*6  link to PAGE


"Rice Reprise" (Ley Student Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas; Cesar Pelli & Associates,Architect); Progressive Architecture ;February 1988*10  link to PAGE

"Canyon Colonial" (Phelps House, Los Angeles); Progressive Architecture, December 1987*10   

link to PAGE

"The Lazy Oval" (Moore House, Austin, Texas; Charles Moore, Architect); Progressive Architecture, October 1987*10 

link to PAGE

"Houston in the '80's: In Search of Public Places" (critique of recent development interventions & urban design);Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Fall 1987*6  link to PAGE

"The Responsive Box" (Menil Collection, Houston Texas; Renzo Piano, Architect);Progressive Architecture; May 1987 (cover feature)*10  link to PAGE


"Pelli at Rice: Part Two" (Ley Student Center, Rice University, Houston, Texas; Cesar Pelli & Associates,Architects); Progressive Architecture; May 1986*10  link to PAGE

"In Pursuit of an Elusive Future"; Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Fall 1985 *6  link to PAGE

"Pattern and Principle" (Herring Hall; Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Administration, Rice University,Houston, Texas; Cesar Pelli & Associates, Architects); Progressive Architecture ; April 1985 (cover feature)*10 link to PAGE

"Dallas Museum of Art: Extending the Modernist Tradition of E.L. Barnes"; Texas Architect; January-February 1985

(cover feature)*8  link to PAGE


“Going modern in Houston: Houston in the 50s”;Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Fall 1984*6

 link to PAGE


"Blind Trust" (Rio Grande Nature Center and Preserve, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Antoine Predock,Architect); Progressive Architecture; March 1984 *10   link to PAGE

"Urban Development and Public Policy in the Progressive Era: 1890-1940"; The Houston Review ; Fall 1983*14

 link to PAGE

"Stirling at Rice" (School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, Texas; James Stirling, Michael Wilford & Associates); Architectural Review; February 1982 *10   link to PAGE

"Stirling in Another Context" (School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, Texas; James Stirling, Michael Wilford & Associates); Progressive Architecture; December 1981 *10  link to PAGE

"Artistic Ferment in San Antonio" (renovation of Lone Star Brewery as San Antonio Museum Association, San Antonio, Texas; Cambridge Seven, Architects);  Progressive Architecture; November 1981 *9  link to PAGE

"Creme de Mint" (renovation to the U.S. Branch Mint as Louisiana State Museum and mixed-use commercial development, New Orleans, Louisiana; E. Eean McNaughton & Associates, Biery & Toups, Architects); Progressive Architecture; November 1981*9 link to PAGE

"Eliel Saarinen Residence at Cranbrook"; GA Houses 9; July 1981*8  link to PAGE

"Regionalism: An Elusive Sensibility 1925-1950" (essay on a design ethic/esthetic); Texas Architect ; July-August 1981 (cover feature)*6   link to PAGE

“Parking Your Pet for a While or Forever”; Houston CITY Magazine; Vol4, No2; February 1980* link to PAGE

"From Dungeon to Dayroom" (history of penal architecture); Texas Architect; May-June 1980 (cover feature)*11

 link to PAGE

"Doldrums in the 'Forties" (transformations in modern architecture); Texas Architect; November-December 1979*5

link to PAGE

"Compound Interest" (Lovett Square Condominiums, Houston, Texas; William T. Cannady Associates, Architects); Progressive Architecture; October 1979 *9  link to PAGE

"Angling for a Civic Monument" (Dallas City Hall, Dallas, Texas; I.M. Pei Associates, Architects); Progressive Architecture; May 1979 *9   link to PAGE

"The Late, Great Picture Palaces" (surviving Art Deco movie theaters); Houston Home & Garden; November 1978*5  

link to PAGE

"O.R.U. Architecture?" (theme issue Taste in America) (critique of Oral Roberts University, Tulsa,Oklahoma); Progressive Architecture; June 1978*9  link to PAGE

"Nationalism-Regionalism-Modernism: In Search of a Texas Architecture" (stylistic development in the 20th Century)Texas Architect; May-June 1978 (cover feature)*5  link to PAGE

"Habitat as a Means to Architecture" (critique of the work of Antonio de Souza-Santos and Adele Naudé Santos); Progressive Architecture; February 1978 *9  link to PAGE

"Bayou City Bridges" (bridges on Buffalo Bayou; Houston, Texas); Houston Home & Garden; January 1978 *5 link to PAGE

"People Who Live in Glass Houses" (de Bretteville and Simon Houses, Los Angeles, Peter de Bretteville,Architect); Progressive Architecture; October 1977*9  link to PAGE

"Is 'Wow!' Enough?" (Pennzoil Place, Houston, Texas;); Progressive Architecture; August 1977*9link to PAGE

"The Liverpool Connection" (essay on James Stirling); Design Quarterly #100; May 1976 * 13  link to PAGE

"Stream of Consciousness" (critique on the San Antonio River Corridor Study, San Antonio, Tex

as)Progressive Architecture; June 1975*9  link to PAGE


"Varied Reflections in Houston" (Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas; Gunnar Birkerts, Architect and Brown Pavilion, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Houston, Texas; Mies van der Rohe, Architect); Progressive Architecture; March 1975*9 

 link to PAGE


"Notes From a Billboard Culture" (urban design critique); Architektonika Themata 7; Summer 1973 *6   link to PAGE


“Louis I. Kahn”; Tung Hai Jien Chu; Tung Hai University, Taiwan; Fall 1971 *4  link to PAGE


"Louis I. Kahn: Gespräche mit Studenten"; Bauwelt; January 1971 *4 ilnk to PAGE


"As Modern as 1948" (critique on stylistic alterations to gasoline stations); Architectural Design; March 1971 *9  link to PAGE


"Le Corbusier à la Mode" (critique on Richard Meier); Architectural Design; January 1971*11 link to PAGE


"Louis Kahn"Casabella 350; July 1970 *4  link to PAGE


"The Pope and the Judge" (cultural symbolism through a formal analysis of the Vatican of Pope Sixtus V and Houston's Astrodome complex of Judge Roy Hofheinz); Architectural Design; July 1970 (cover feature)*11 link to PAGE



OTHER WRITINGS  [These items are included to reflect a range of Breadth and Depth]

Published Book Chapters & Essays

“Elinor Evans: The ‘Eyes’ Have It”, Catalog Essay, Elinor Evans Some Truths to Learn from Leaves; [on the occasion of Albert K. and Harry K. Smith Professor Emerita of Architecture Elinor Evans’ 100th Birthday]; Rice University School of Architecture, 2015

“The Rocket, a Jaguar, Turtles and Walnuts and Some Work in Progress”, Burgermaster, Matthew and Rhett Russo, ed., Material Evidence: New Designs for Architectural Practice, Conversations in Architectural Practice, Volume 1, The New Jersey Society of Architects/American Institute of Architects, 2010

“Emilio Ambasz (Argentina and United States)”; Sennott, R. Stephen, ed.; Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture (Vol. 1/A-F), Routledge (New York), 2004

“Eero Saarinen (Finland)”; Sennott, R. Stephen, ed.; Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture (Vol.3/ P-Z), Routledge (New York), 2004

Ephemeral City: CITE Looks at Houston; by Scardino, Barrie; Webb, Bruce and William F. Stern.[republished: “Loose Fit: Houston’s ‘Museum District’ ”; Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Spring 1996]; University of Texas Press; 2003.

“Surrogate Saarinen” (exhibition notes), Two Views of Eero Saarinen: The Architectural Photography of Balthazar Korab and Ezra Stoller, North Gallery, School of Architecture, Yale University; New Haven, Connecticut; April 9 - May 4, 2001

(introduction to redesigned Second Edition); Louis I. Kahn: Conversations With Students;  Architecture at Rice 26; Princeton Architectural Press; 1998

“David S. Ingalls (patinoire)”, “Kresge (auditorium de)”, “Saarinen (Eero)”, “Severud (Fred N.)”, “TWA (terminal)”; l’art de l’ingénieur: constructeur, entrepreneur, inventeur; Picon, Antoine (editeur); Centre Georges Pompidou/Le Moniteur; Paris, France; 1997; exhibition “l’art de l’ingénieur: constructeur, entrepreneur, inventeur” at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, June 25 - September 29, 1997

“Eero Saarinen”; The Dictionary of Art; Turner, Jane Shoaf (editor); MacMillan Publishers, Ltd.; London;1996

“SAARINEN, Eero”; International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture, Volume 1/Architects; Van Vynckt, Randall J. (editor); St. James Press; Detroit, Michigan; 1993

“Dulles International Airport”; International Dictionary of Architects and Architecture, Volume 2/Architecture; Van Vynckt, Randall J. (editor); St. James Press, Detroit, Michigan; 1993

“Dulles International Airport”; catalogue entry 107; The Making of Virginia Architecture; Wilson, Richard Guy (editor); Virginia Museum of Fine Arts/University of Virginia Press; Charlottesville, Virginia; 1992; exhibition “The Making of Virginia Architecture 1719-1990” at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia, November 10, 1992-January 10, 1993

"In Search of a Modern American Architecture: The Saarinens After Cranbrook", catalogue essay,Kleinhans Music Hall: The Saarinens in Buffalo, 1940 - A Streamline Vision; exhibition at Burchfield Art Center, Buffalo, New York; March 9-April 22, 1990

"Saarinen, Eero; Encyclopedia of Architecture: Design, Engineering, And Construction, Volume 4;Wilkes, Joseph A.(editor); John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York; 1989

"Eero Saarinen"; Master Builders; Maddex, Diane(editor); The Preservation Press; Washington, D.C.;1985

"Coming of Age: Eero Saarinen and Modern American Architecture"; Burns, Carol & Robert Taylor (coeditors);Perspecta 21; MIT Press; Cambridge, Mass.; 1985

"Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo and Associates: The Oakland Museum"; Futagawa, Yukio (editor); Global Architecture Book 9: Museums; A.D.A. Edita; Tokyo; 1981

"Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo and Associates: The Ford Foundation Building"; Futagawa, Yukio (editor);Global Architecture Book 7: Office Buildings; A.D.A. Edita; Tokyo; 1981

reprint of "Canyon Colonial" in Vogue LIVING (Australia); March 1989

​"From the Ridiculous to the Sublime" (New Mexico Union Student Center; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico; Antoine Predock, Architect); Progressive Architecture; November 1978

"Report from Dallas: Dallas-Sites for Dallas-Sights" (critique of Dallasights: An Anthology of Architecture and Open Spaces, guidebook for national AIA convention); Progressive Architecture; May 1978

"Constantino Nivola 1911-1988" (obituary); Progressive Architecture; September 1988

review of exhibition "Architectural Art: Affirming the Design Relationship"; Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Fall 1988

"Eero Saarinen 1910-1961"; Supplement 7 (1949-1961) Dictionary of American Biography ; Charles Scribner's Sons; New York; 1981

Published Non-Refereed Journal Papers

“Desperately Seeking Saarinen” (Nikander Hall; Suomi College,;Hancock, MI); [“Culture” column] Architecture; Volume 89, No. 7; July 2000

“Rapson Revisited” [“History” column] (review of 2 exhibitions and book on career of architect Ralph Rapson); Architecture; Volume 88, No. 6; June 1999

“TWA”,(Trans World Airlines Flight Center/Kennedy [Idlewild] Airport) (cover feature); MaMA: Magasin för Modern Arkitektur (Sweden); Number 2/May 1992 

"Paul A. Kennon, FAIA 1934-1990" (obituary); Progressive Architecture ; March 1990

"Luck Runs Out for the Shamrock" (demolition of landmark Shamrock Hilton Hotel, Houston, Texas; Wyatt C. Hedrick, Architect); Progressive Architecture; February 1988

"Ricardo Bofill to Build at Rice" (report on Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, Houston, Texas;Ricardo Bofill, Architect); Progressive Architecture , January 1988

"Houston's New Public Buildings" (urban design and architectural critique of Gus S. Wortham Theater Center; Morris*Aubry Architects and George R. Brown Convention Center; Goleman & Rolfe, et al,Architects; Houston, Texas); Progressive Architecture; January 1988

"Slow Movement on Houston's Bayou" (Sesquicentennial Park; Houston, Texas); Progressive Architecture; March 1988

"L.I. Modern: No Big Duck" (review of Exhibition "Long Island Modern"); Progressive Architecture; November 1987

"Mies Revised" (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; alterations to design by Mies van der Rohe, Architect); Progressive Architecture; September 1986

"Johnson in Houston: Ledoux Redo" (College of Architecture, University of Houston, Houston, Texas;Johnson/Burgee, Architects); Progressive Architecture; August 1986

"Johnson in Dallas: Faux Chateau" (The Crescent, Dallas, Texas; Johnson/Burgee, Architects)Progressive Architecture; August 1986

"Noguchi Garden in Houston" (Lillie & Hugh Roy Cullen Sculpture Garden, Houston, Texas; Isamu Noguchi, designer); Progressive Architecture; July 1986

"Houston Park Competition" (critique of Sesquicentennial Park designs; Houston, Texas); Progressive Architecture; July 1986

"to Love and to Squeeze: The Orange Show"; Society for Commercial Archeology News Journal; November 1985

"L'Ultima Frontiera: Arcipelagus Houston" (introduction to theme issue); Domus No. 662; June 1985

"A Seaside Hideaway: Charles Moore's Swan House" (Simone Swan House, Southold, Long Island;Charles Moore, Architect); Ultra; December 1984

"Pelli Crams Old and New Ideas into Rice's Future" (Master Plan Studies, Rice University,Houston,Texas; Cesar Pelli & Associates); Cite - The Architecture and Design Review of Houston; Spring 1984

"A Glass Jaw in Houston's Preservation Fight" (critique on demolition of 1883 B.A. Shepherd Building, Houston, Texas); Texas Architect; January-February 1984

"William Wayne Caudill: 1914-1983" (obituary); Progressive Architecture; August 1983

"In Progress: Texas-Style" (various Texas Museums: Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Edward L. Barnes & Associates; Menil Collection, Houston, Renzo Piano; Country Artists of America Museum, Kerrville, Ford Powell Carson; Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, Venturi Rauch & Scott-Brown; Museum of Fine Arts,University of Texas, Austin, Cesar Pelli & Associates); Progressive Architecture; August 1983

"Mayer House and the Alley Theater" (two projects by Peter Waldman, Architect); The Princeton Journal; July 1983

"The Best Solution for Houston's Hermann Park" (Master Plan studies by Charles Moore and Urban Innovations Group); Progressive Architecture; July 1983

"Contextualism? Au Contraire!" (College of Architecture, University of Houston, Houston, Texas; Johnson/Burgee, Architects); Progressive Architecture; July 1983 

"True Brit" (new English 'little' journals); Skyline; February 1983 

"Pelli Continues a Rice Tradition" (proposal for Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Administration, Rice University, Houston, Texas; Cesar Pelli & Associates); Progressive Architecture; December 1982

"Jahn and others in Houston" (recent skyscraper proposals); Progressive Architecture; December 1982

"Competitions: Thibodaux, Louisiana" (critique of an invited design competition); Skyline; November 1982

"Piano demonstration in Texas" (natural lighting mockup for Menil Collection, Houston, Texas; Renzo Piano, Architect);  Progressive Architecture; September 1982

"Renovations and Addition, School of Architecture, Rice University" (Critique: James Stirling, Michael Wilford & Associates); Global Architecture Document 5; Fall 1982

"Colquit Townhouses" (Houston, Texas; William F. Stern, Architect); Texas Architect; July-August 1982

"Tall Tales" (critique of lecture series); Skyline; January 1982

“Stirling in Houston”, Skyline; December 1981

"Report from Dallas: Regionalism and Urbanity in Dallas" (critique on urban development in Dallas, Texas); Progressive Architecture; December 1981

"Advertising: the 'big bang' approach" (high-profile advertising by Morris*Aubry Architects); Progressive Architecture; December 1981

"Report from Houston: Texas Contextualism" (design for School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, Texas; James Stirling & Partner, Architect); Progressive Architecture; October 1980

"Inside 'Inside/Outside'" (critique of lecture series); Texas Architect; July-August 1980

"Sunar, the Better" (Sunar Showroom, Houston, Texas; Michael Graves, Architect); Progressive Architecture; July 1980

"Putting Up a Good Front" (Municipal Control Building, Quail Valley Utility District, Missouri City, Texas; Taft Architects); Progressive Architecture; July 1980

"Carter Pulls a 'Nix' on San Antonio" (critique of preservation issues on funding of the San Antonio Mission National Historic Park); Progressive Architecture; November 1979

"Houston: An Architecture Tour"; Portfolio; August-September 1979

"Big Jim and Pardner get Rice Job" (James Stirling's first American building, School of Architecture, Rice University, Houston, Texas); Progressive Architecture; August 1979

"Artwork in Glass" (Glassell School of Art, Houston, Texas; Morris*Aubrey Architects); Texas Architect; July-August 1979

"T.R.A.C. Meet in New Orleans" (Tulane-Rice University Architectural Competition); Progressive Architecture; December 1977

"In Perspective: A Different Literary Angle" (J. Frank Jungman Branch/Houston Public Library, Houston,Texas; Philips & Peterson, Architects); Progressive Architecture; June 1977

"Deco-rating Houston's Skyline" (Post Oak Central, Houston, Texas; Johnson/Burgee, Architects);Progressive Architecture; January 1977

"Report from Galveston" (critique of first results from Venturi & Rauch Action Plan for The Strand); Progressive Architecture; December 1976

"Flooding Devastates Houston Art Museum" (Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston,Texas; Gunnar Birkerts & Assoc., Architects); Progressive Architecture; December 1976

"Images From a Silver Screen" (critique of the Los Angeles "Silvers": Pelli, Lumsden, Kennon, Kupper,Vreeland, Dimster); Progressive Architecture; October 1976

"Report from New Orleans: View Beyond the Vieux Carr‚" (critique on urban development in New Orleans,Louisiana); Progressive Architecture; January 1976

"Out of S.I.T.E." (Best Products Showroom, Houston, Texas; S.I.T.E, Architects); Progressive Architecture; January 1976

"Venturi & Rauch Hum Galveston's Tune" (NEA City Options study of The Strand, Galveston, Texas); Progressive Architecture; June 1975

"Report from Houston" (critique of adaptive reuse of Federal Reserve Bank as offices for Crispin & Company, Houston, Texas; Howard Barnstone, Architect); Progressive Architecture; May 1975

"Freeway Frontage" (KPRC Headquarters, Houston, Texas; S.I. Morris Associates, Architects)Progressive Architecture; March 1975

"Big Splash in Fort Worth" (Fort Worth Water Garden, Fort Worth, Texas; Johnson/Burgee, Architects)Progressive Architecture; January 1975

"Memorandum: Dateline Houston" (urban issues critique); Domus; August 1974

"Shadrach Woods: A Personal Remembrance" (obituary); Architektonika Themata 8; Summer 1974

"Main Street Spanish" (Isabella Court; Houston, Texas); Texas Architect; July-August 1974

“Exhibits: Utopia or Myopia?” (review of exhibit “20:20 Vision”, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston); Architectural Forum, Vol. 140, No. 2, March 1974

Long, Chalmers G.(as graphic designer); Industrialized Building in the Soviet Union; National Bureau of Standards/US Department of Commerce; 1971

Published Refereed Conference Papers
"In Search of an Indigenous Architecture"; 'Regionalism as a Dialect' Workshop; Annual Meeting, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture; San Antonio, Texas; March 29, 1980; published in ACSA Proceedings 

Published Book Reviews
Architectural Practice: A Critical Review by Robert Gutman (Princeton Architectural Press); reviewed in Journal of Architectural Education [JAE]; Vol. 43 No. 3, Spring 1990 and Vol.43 No. 4, Summer 1990

Architect? A Guide to the Profession by Roger Lewis (MIT Press); reviewed in Journal of Architectural Education [JAE]; Vol. 38 No. 2, Winter 1985

American Urban Guidenotes edited by John Fondersmith (American Urban Guides); reviewed in Design Book Review No. 7; Summer 1985

David R. Williams: Pioneer Architect by Muriel Q. McCarthy (Southern Methodist University Press); reviewed in Cite; The Architecture and Design Review of Houston;

Vol. 3, Spring 1985

Spanish Town Planning in North America by Dora Crouch (MIT Press); reviewed in Texas Architect; September-October 1983

The Chicago Architecture Journal edited by Stuart Cohen (Rizzoli); reviewed in Texas Architect; July-August 1982

The Failure of Modern Architecture by Brent Brolin (MIT Press); reviewed in​ Journal of Architectural Education [JAE]; Vol. 31 No. 3, April 1978

Five Architects, edited by Arthur Drexler (Wittenborn); reviewed in Architectural Design; November 1973

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