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Published Writings 3 - as referred to by *

(Designed in collaboration with Co-Editor Stuart Wrede and Graphic Designer Aaron Marcus)  

 PERSPECTA 12 - The Yale Architectural Journal

(put in context with PERSPECTA 9/10 and 11)

PERSPECTA 12 received extensive coverage, with Reviews in a variety of International professional journals; what is most interesting, are the choices of "which" aspects/features were cited, revealing an array of editorial and political agendas. As the Legacy of Robert A.M. Stern's 'Blockbuster' PERSPECTA 9/10 in 1965, implied 'bigger & better', for Stuart and myself, we both felt PERSPECTA 12 should stand in deliberate contrast with its Predecessor, PERSPECTA 11: materially, philosophically, politically, as America and Architects' roles had changed, particularly with the Vietnam War, and we believed our issue should offer a responsible critique. Interestingly, as of 2021, prices of 9/10 and 12 perhaps reflect perceived 'importance' of the choices we made.[see Comparisos below]

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New Left Review (NLR, as it came to be known) drew on debates within Western Marxism and published work by both Walter Benjamin, and Herbert Marcuse, and the cited presentation by Ben Brewster, seen in the CONTENTS.

PERSPECTA 12, for reasons which I can only call "relevancy", or "timeliness", was extensively cited or reviewed in the International Professional Press.     'CLICK' on images for Caption and to review in Sequence.

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