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Published Writings 4 - as referred to by *

(Designed my first year as Faculty, part of the Architecture at Rice series)


KAHN Louis I. KahnTalks With Students

the original, designed in 1970, and its position situated within a didactic history.

KAHN  the title simply states; refer to my statement on page: WORK- Idea as Architecture/Architecture as Idea.



The design reflects many of the Principles that drive my approach to a multivalent mode of reforming and reiterating them.

Inversions, Layers, Transparency, Opacity, Reversal, Symmetry, Balance.

The original title was a deliberate reference to a 1943 book by LeCorbusier (apparently the re-issue some 30 years later, was not aware of the connection), and a series of translations/appropriations at the time validated the parti of using the form of 'Blank Verse' to capture the pattern of Kahn's speaking (which he acknowledged to me).

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