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Installed at the Rice University Media Center/Museum, generously made available by Mrs. Dominique deMenil following her closing early a Magritte installation, for the first venue after the Cooper-Hewitt Museum/New York. The spaces and layout were "as found" from the Magritte show, and adapted to accomodate not only the travelling material from the Finnish Museum of Architecture, but also all the Aalto furniture provided by the newly-opened ICF Showroom, as well as several slideshows of both Aalto architecture (featuring 'unique' pieces) and bentwood manufacturing in a small entry room with an array of various Aalto stools in a variety of laminate colors, and an impressive "tower" at the Entrance of a free-standing display, unsupported. My colleague Antonio de Souza-Santos [an Aalto Enthusiast] designed the installation. The Curators visiting from Finland were impressed by the breadth of our show.


[R: Poster/Mailer for the Houston Exhibit, which I designed]

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