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NEW  SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS 2  An Urban Flat "re-formed"

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This was literally a "re-formation" within the existing "givens" of a City apartment. The strategy, overall, was combining a 'cleanup' of what were seen as both unnecessary elements, reorganization for functional clarity, adding a Breakfast Room where none had existed, and imposing or perhaps extracting a geometric relationship of the part to a whole by virtue of axial alignments (particularly between and within spaces) and geometric order.


One example is the Living Room, which accomodated a variety of privacy conditions, and was based on conditions of 3 symmetries from an absolute center which divided cabinetry and the entry doorway (6'-8" each), as well as 2 secondary 'centerings' as may be seen. Also, the subtle underpinning of the strategy incorporated an interplay between "squares"  and its derivative, the Golden Section.

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