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a Country House


A small Country weekend house.had been in the Family since 1953, used principally as a Summer Home. Renovated in 1954, the original was added onto with a 'footprint' equal size in Plan, but with a flat roof set several feet lower than the original. An interim Renovation had compromised the flow of spaces, and the principal charge was to begin by a fourth Renovation, impacting 50% of the First Floor Plan. The second Renovation had real 'issues', so the strategy was to 'rewrite' and 'reform'.


"Correcting" the second renovation, which put a Master Bedroom on the First Floor; the indifferent fitting-out of a Bathroom/Dressing/Closet on the footprint of what had been a small Kitchen/Dining resulted in an odd-shape, with no cross-ventilation, doors opening in that then forced cross-circulation through the space. Closing the short run of existing stairs provided enough "grabbed" space to both reorganize the Bathroom to a "clean" shape, relocate, enlarge and install a Cedar Closet, and configure the Master Bedroom into a rational Geometry.

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