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A PERSONAL GARDEN - Order in the Landscape

Order by Geometry

''Making Place'' –

generating a 'system' to underlie and guide the fabrication of ordering: a simple Garden, tended and sustained by an infrastructure centralized at the Compost Bin, with a watering main line controlled with a programmed timer/spigot-hose bipp to clean garden tools, and maintain moisture within the Compost Bin.

A fiberglass 'vault' top to the cube-like Bin, can be lifted and raised from either the Front or Rear, on pivot rods that also support the top assembly. This permits supplying compost material (grass clippings, kitchen scraps, etc) from the Rear, and extracting reduced organic matter from an opening at the Front. Vent openings are provided on both sides and the Rear, determined by the material geometry of cinder block units, as well as vent slots on each side of the hinged vault top.

Solid cinder blocks are also used in the design of the spigot, to maintain the theme (as well the 'platform' paving pattern at both the Compost Bin and the entrance gate are also generated from the 8''x16''x4'' solid blocks), and a 'shifted' geometry is used to provide a ‘slot’ which can house the digital watering cycle timer. The geometry of the entire Garden evolves from the order that is based on the unit module of Compost Bin itself, centered on the axis. While the Bin is essentially a Cube, its geometry repeats as variations on all sides, embracing  "regulating lines". Raising the 'vault' top of the Bin results in a 'latent' Golden Section, completing the theme..

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