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STIRLING+WILFORD American Buildings: the opportunity to not only participate in one of the four case studies, but actually have the serendipitous position of being the "first in line", as the first Chapter, was one I seized upon. Having been completely paralyzed due to emergency brain surgery and a resultant Stroke in 2011, this was a challenge in many respects.

and me in New York,  The Editor in Cambridge, UK, the Designer in London, my colleague Paul Hester in Houston made for an ever-changing evolution through 3 drafts, designing special graphics, and working toward a final product from 2013 - 2015.

My 'advocacy' is represented by the Reviews below.

My Chapter is excerpted in its entierty. (see RED Button at bottom of page)

'CLICK' on images for Caption and to review in Sequence.

'CLICK' on images for Caption and to review in Sequence.

Representing my critiques of Stirling's work, beginning in 1976 since I knew Big Jim at Yale, and then acting as Advocate through the process of the job's design (the Progressive Architecture pieces), and finally in AR and GA, at completion in 1981. .

"The Book" . . . at last!

A companion to the Editor's Jim Stirling and the Red Trilogy, referenced by the red cover.


A primary Donor was Mrs. Arthur Sackler, and the original cover rather . . .'bright' + 'colorful'. . . too much so, actually, such that the 'final' simpler version was a Relief.

I had advocated calling the anthology of 4 projects, The American Quartet, (which both referred to the 'companion' book, and Lawrence Durrell's 4 books in the Alexandria Quartet, which stand on their own, or fragments of one or more may appear in another, like a palimpsest), to underscore the Partnership's own evolution, as well as the continuation of, and reference, to Themes which both begin and refer back onto themselves.

The Introduction says it all: Paul Hester and his wife Lisa Hardaway did a yoeman's effort in searching for and finding unpublished images to advance a new interpretation of my case study Chapter.

* see Acknowledgements below

'CLICK' on images for Caption and to review in Sequence.

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