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Published Writings 14 - as referred to by *

(Designed and Written in the 1980s )  



Both Transportation and Urban Development in Houston, 1830-1980, and the companion chapter in The Houston Review  were developed as a result of my work on HOUSTON an architectural guide (see Published Writings 7 "CLICK" here to link)

The phenomenon of the new agency METRO, with the power of emminent domain, was about to re-form (deliberate hyphenation) the shape and process of urban development; I felt an understanding of the Past would put a Context for the Future and inform decision-making, as "new" Consultants began to 'integrate' transportation on a Regional basis, and the Texas Highway Department, historically a major player in terms of determining 'what,' went 'where', and 'by which means', became the Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation, a more diverse strategy.

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